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  1. Intern Visa

Applicants intending to pursue Internship in Indian Companies, Educational Institutions & NGO.

  1. Period of Visa will be actual duration of Internship program or 1 year whichever is less.

  2. Applicant applying should not have a gap of more than 1 year between completion of his graduation/ post-graduation and the commencement of the internship.

  3. In case of Internship in a company, the applicant being sponsored for internship should draw a minimum remuneration of Rs. 7.80 lakh per annum. There will be no minimum salary limit in case of Internship in educational Institutions and NGOs.

  4. Earnings from Internship of the applicant with Indian Companies/ Educational Institutions/ NGOs will be subject to Indian Income Tax Regulations.

  5. Undertaking should be obtained from the company / organization concerned that they will insure departure of the foreigner on completion of Internship.

Please note that in certain cases, the matter may have to be referred for approval from the competent authorities in India and therefore, there can be delay.


  • Visa application form can only be filled online and is available on the following link Make sure to select Office/Mission:  Italy-Milan. By selecting any other office other than Milan, the application will not be accepted.
  • Visa applications received with incorrect passport details or withholding of any other information, are liable to be rejected prior to acceptance of visa fees. In such cases, applicants are required to upload a fresh online application.
  • All applicants are required to complete the application form On-line. Photo must be submitted and uploaded online. One photograph of size 50mm x 50mm (2”x2”) with white background should be pasted in the space provided in the form as well as uploaded online. Print and Sign the application at the required places before submitting it at the Visa counter in the Consulate.
  • Please note that the photo pasted on the application form must be signed by the applicant and the signature must be done horizontally half on the photo and half on the application form.
  •  The visa application should be signed only by the applicant and the signature should tally with the signature in the passport.
  • Original passport with validity of at least ten months needs to be submitted alongwith the visa application form. At least two blank pages are required in the passport.
  • Please be informed that all the applicants who have acquired Italian nationality by naturalization or who have dual nationality will be charged with telex fee related to the country of origin. 
  • In case of dual/multiple citizenship, both or all the passports have to be submitted at the visa counter. In the application form, the nationality of the passport on which applicant wants to travel should be inserted in the field "Current nationality", and the passport details should be inserted in the field "Passport details". As for the second nationality, it should be inserted in the field "Any other past/previous nationality" either if applicant currently holds that nationality or held it in the past. In case the passport/s of the second/other nationality/ies has/have been lost photocopy of the police report/s should be submitted. In case it has been surrendered or retained by the competent authorities applicant has to declare it in writing. The second passport should be submitted even if expired or cancelled. If the applicant holds or held a second/other nationality/ies but has never held a passport of that nationality he/she has to declare it in writing.
  • In case of visas for minors: Birth Certificate (Estratto di Nascita), verifying the parenthood of the child, unless the parents names are mentioned in the minor's passport, in which case also a photocopy of that page should be attached; a joint declaration by the parents stating that the minor will travel to India under their responsibility (signatures should match the ones on the respective passports). In case only one parent travels with the minor two declarations are required. The parent traveling with the minor should declare that the minor will travel to India under his/her responsibility, while the other should declare he/she agrees to the minor traveling to India with the other parent. Photocopy of the passport or Italian identity card (carta d'identità), including holder's signature page, of the parent not accompanying the minor should be provided. In case the minor does not travel with his/her parents but with someone else the latter should declare in writing that the minor will travel to India under his/her responsibility and the minor's parents should provide authorization in writing as explained above accompanied by the respective photocopy of their passports or Italian identity card(carta d'identità), including the signature page (signatures should match the ones on the respective passports/Italian identity card (carta d'identità).
  • In case of minors included in mother's/father's passport: parents' joint request to issue visa to the minor with the minor's picture pasted (on a plain paper). In case the minor travels to India with only one parent, the other should declare he/she authorizes the minor to travel in India with the former. Photocopy of the passport or Italian identity card (carta d'identità), including holder's signature page, of the parent not accompanying the minor should be provided (signature should match the one on the passport/Italian identity card (carta d'identità)).
  • Please note that at question no G of the application form the applicant's job/profession should be specified clearly.
  • Members of military/police forces should provide a copy of their approval of leave at the Visa counter. Those who were discharged should declare it on a plain paper attached to the application form, specifying the year of discharge.
  • Pilots and Members of the Crew, please visit Business Visa information.
  • Applicants going to India to participate in International Sports Tournaments have to apply for a Conference Visa and the application should be supported by the authority letter from the organization along with a letter about clearance of the event from MHA.
  • Applicants going to India as Volunteers must not apply in any case for Tourist Visa.
  • Applicants going in India for Cruise must apply for Tourist Visa
  • All the official documents in Italian language must be accompanied with English translation by the authorized  translation agencies of the Consulate (


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